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making this particular gem fall in the "good" category.

Is based on a determination of the lightness or darkness of a particular gemstone.

The letters are abbreviations of the Color and Hues visible...

the first number is the Tone or lightness/darkness of a particular gemstone...

How do these trees benefit from this different approach to deciduousness?

In August in England, eight weeks after the summer solstice, the direct heat from the sun on a fine day feels much hotter than it does in April, eight weeks before the solstice, although its elevation is the same.

If the digestive system is bypassed and potassium salts are injected into a vein, the heart can be stopped.

Due to its highly reactive nature, elemental potassium must be handled with extreme care.

and the second number in sequence is the Saturation of color in the gem.

So, as an example, when you see a Ruby given the color "R", this would indicate the color is "Red" meaning the primary color is Red and there appears to be no noticeable secondary color...

Both evolution and Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school. evolution debate facts for kids, natural selection and survival of the fittest are real and has caused many to believe that life is an accident.

If you believe that life is an accident, this has caused considerable conflict and turmoil in your life that was not of your conscious actions.

evolution many unbelievable beliefs about evolution have evolved.

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