Interracial dating a sin

The Bible is clear that when both parties are believers (equally yoked), interracial marriage is not wrong.A Christian couple contemplating marriage must prayerfully and carefully consider the impact their marriage will have within their cultural context, their family relationships, future children and the society in which they live.Does the Bible permit or forbid interracial dating and marriage?

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The Old Testament was a foreshadowing of the New, a foundation for what was to come.

Most people know the Bible is divided into the Old Testament and New Testament, but the word "testament" also means "covenant," a contract between two parties.

A loving Christian couple may accommodate well to many kinds of differences between themselves.

However, there are cultural contexts where interracial marriage poses significant barriers to acceptance of the marriage and/or the children of the marriage.

The Old Covenant was established between God and the people of Israel, after God freed them from slavery in Egypt.

Moses, who led the people out, served as mediator of this contract, which was made at Mount Sinai.

If they complied, he pledged prosperity and protection in the Promised Land.

Altogether, there were 613 laws, covering every aspect of human behavior.

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The New Testament describes the fulfillment of God's promise by Jesus Christ.


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