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What are your feelings about stripping off on screen? Jack: I've never had to do it, no, but I would if it was part of the story - I'm not gagging to get my clothes off just for the sake of it. Do you think there's more pressure for men in your industry to attain that beefcake physique? I just envisaged the character of Captain Ross looking a certain way; he is very physical, he's a miner and he's on a horse all the time, so it wouldn't have made sense to look any different.K: There are a lot of superhero films out now, though, and that's kind of the trend. Calf-flashing aside, what's in store for each of your characters in the second season?It was voted the public's best TV moment of 2015 and catapulted Aidan Turner, owner of the abs in question, to the top of GLAMOUR's Sexiest Men Poll 2016."I wasn't going to take my top off until we were doing it," says Aidan, clearly still slightly bemused by the furore it caused. It was mid-August and they're working outside - it wouldn't make sense to have the shirt on.

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They suspect finding that intersection is the key to a matching algorithm Write a function to find the rectangular intersection of two given love rectangles.

As with the example above, love rectangles are always "straight" and never "diagonal." More rigorously: each side is parallel with either the x-axis or the y-axis.

Find out more his views on dating here and don’t forget to check out his blog, Love, Laughter & Truth.

The decision to start my blog wasn’t particularly thought out – 16 months on from the end of my marriage and after subsequent ups and downs with dating I found myself in a difficult place in the lead-up to my first Christmas as a single person for 20 years.

He's got the looks department down with those come-hither baby blues, a sculpted body (we don't hate his beach pics), a bit of scruff, and an easy smile, but scroll through his Instagram (or Twitter or Snapchat) and it's easy to see why he has such a loyal social following — it's the sweet photos with his mom; hilarious videos of his ridiculous shenanigans; adorable photos and videos of him cuddling his dog, Edgar; and home videos of him serenading the camera (aka "bedhead jams") that prove he's the total package.

When we say he's "one to watch," we mean that quite literally.

In this interview with the prolific writer, Sparks tells his real-life love story, talks about the image that inspired the book, and reveals the hardest part of making a love story work. NS: I met my wife on a Monday night on spring break in Florida. I wrote her about 100 letters, graduated in May, she visited a couple of times, moved out to California in August, I proposed in October, we married the following July, and it’s been 23 years.

On Tuesday night, I told her that we would get married. e H: How did you know so quickly that she was the one? You know, all of the female characters I create have many elements of my wife.

Set in 18th-century Cornwall, the story of Captain Ross's plight - returning from war to find is father dead, estate in ruins and the woman he loves engaged to his cousin - truly "hit on a nerve", as Aidan puts it.

to win this year's BAFTA Radio Times Audience Award.

A crack team of love scientists from Ok Eros (a hot new dating site) have devised a way to represent dating profiles as rectangles on a two-dimensional plane.

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