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" Intimidate has no effect on Pokémon who are immune to Attack stat reductions, such as Pokémon with Clear Body, Hyper Cutter, or White Smoke.This Ability will not affect a target with a substitute.

He finished this season with 115 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, and five sacks.

The unanimous first-team All-American was also the signal caller for Alabama’s vaunted defense, considered one of the best in recent college football history.

Anyone or anything that is fearsome, daunting, or terrifying could be called intimidating. Climbing into the mouth of a volcano and trying to take a photograph for National Geographic would be extremely intimidating, because you could die, and if you don't, what if your pictures aren't that good?

Looking at a huge list of vocabulary words is intimidating.

As depicted in my new favorite stock photo, “Young Hipster Best Friends Taking a Selfie in Urban City Context — Concept of Friendship and Fun With New Trends and Technology — Urban Alternative Everyday Life in Berlin European Capital,” the European hipster is an odd, hybrid creature.

Peering out from behind her thick black plastic glasses, walking the urban streets in designer tennis shoes, the Euro Hipster resembles our local hipsters like some king snakes mimic the deadly coral snake.

If Thompson dropped the whole branch, he could harm the queen.

And while honeybees tend to be docile, Thompson said, being jarred could irritate the swarm.

It’s fair to wonder how long Foster can sustain this type of violent play.

Some were comparing him to Patrick Willis, the former San Francisco 49ers All-Pro, during this game.

He reminded me of Luke Kuechly, constantly in on the end of a play, constantly flying to the football.


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