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In fact, when we got engaged, we changed our Facebook statuses and didn't even call anyone since the word would spread on Facebook far faster than it would have over the phone calling all hundreds of our friends and family.

After doing that, we received a lot of laughs, and some minor critisism from family whom were insulted that we couldn't even pick up the phone to call them.

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I’ve been seeing a guy for a few weeks and he often refers to me as his girlfriend…but refuses to change his facebook status from being single.

He is always asking to meet my parents, and introduces me to all his friends so I’m not sure what the problem is? 🙂 First off, you’ve been seeing a guy for a few weeks.

(Whether anyone actually used it on their profile without a hint of irony is another question.) The press treated Facebook and its investment in your relationships much as it's treating dating apps now: with suspicion.

News and comment pieces were littered with first-person horror stories of "likes" and passive aggressive comments on break-up statuses, or people mercilessly dumping their partners by declaring themselves "single".

At his very own wedding, this groom busted out his cell phone while at the altar, and put the ceremony on hold so that he could post a status update to Twitter and Facebook.

When Dana Hanna surprises his bride, Tracy Page, by taking out his phone, the pastor informs the congregation, "Dana is updating his relationship status on Facebook." "It's official on Facebook, it's official in my book," the priest jokes when the groom finishes typing.It was so successful, in fact, that it began to invade very culture and lexicon of dating."It's Complicated" was first entered onto Urban Dictionary in 2007, and fast became an iconic phrase to describe the rocky dating lives of teens and twentysomethings.So that everyone who knows you knows you’re with him and everyone who knows him knows he’s with you.I can understand that and at the heart of it, I think it’s a nice thing. When I think of relationships, I like to keep it personal.He likes you, he wants you and that’s all the commitment you should want or expect within a few *weeks* of seeing a guy.


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