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Fading radio signals have always plagued shortwave reception and are encountered when the signals being received originate from a transmitting station located at a distance that requires the radio waves to propagate via skywave through the ionosphere.

As signals fade down to the noise level much of the information being transmitted is lost until the signal level increases above the noise again.

ATLA was a trade name for silver plate produced by Cohr a George V figural silver handled golf club by Adie & Lovekin, established in 1879 at Regent Street, Birmingham.

It all started with jewelry when in 1904 Georg Jensen opened his own silver smithy.

Starting on a very limited budget Georg Jensen could only afford modest amounts of silver.

Sometimes deep fades will last for half a minute or more, causing program interruption or important messages to be lost.

Besides fading, other phenomena occurs when radio waves are refracted through the ionosphere, such as selective sideband fading causing distortion on AM signals along with rotation of the radio waves causing polarization changes. Peterson, began investigating what was actually happening when signals faded.

Silver Dictionary' of A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of vertu, a 1500 pages richly illustrated website offering all you need to know about antique silver, sterling silver, silverplate, Sheffield plate, electroplate silver, silverware, flatware, tea services and tea complements, marks and hallmarks, articles, books, auction catalogs, famous silversmiths (Tiffany, Gorham, Jensen, Elkington), history, oddities ...

Diversity receiving equipment utilizes two or more receivers connected together at the second detectors and AVC lines.Jewelry is the most portable of Georg Jensens products, something that can be worn and give joy both at home and in public.Musicians are always looking for the right tone; many may spend a lifetime trying to find and perfect it.The makers mark & assay marks are "rubbed" but this design is recorded in the BHS Compendium ref Nr 40/0093 in 1904 a pair of silver-gilt glove stretchers by Gorham Mfg Co of Providence, Rhode Island USA.The whole of the stretchers including the blades are solid silver and the handles have been gilded.Try our Tone Generator to get suggestions on what speaker might be best for you.


  1. Also ask yourself if you feel, on a gut level, that he truly loves you and wants a relationship with you.

  2. The simplicity factor was one reason why the time between proposal to marriage could be very short.

  3. And after recent changes in the Violence Against Women Act that require colleges to explicitly report their prevention efforts, many colleges will be unveiling new policies and programs this fall where they never existed before.

  4. In general Grid View control displays more than one record, but the Details View control displays single record from database table.

  5. Wilson, his wife & two children are a respectable family in their community - Yet the Wilson kids are fighting temptations & their son Dante has thoughts other than taking over his fathers church.

  6. LOL when my girl friends ask me, “You always have a new girl, do you just hook up or do you want something serious? “If I asked you on a date, treated you well, communicated with you during the week, and acted like a gentleman, you wouldn’t talk to me ’cause you’d think i was a punk.” None of those girls has disagreed with me yet. You see I went to an all-boys boarding school, and I noticed I was gettin no play while the dudes who I heard dogging their girls out all week and sometimes to their faces were getting tail all the time.

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