shinhwa dating 2016 - Jonathan roberts and anna trebunskaya dating

They were the third couple to be eliminated coming in 4th place.

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He is best known for partnering with Marie Osmond during the fifth season, when the pair finished in 3rd place.

Jonathan Roberts (born Jonathan Robert Stubenrauch; April 20, 1974) is an American professional ballroom dancer.

Just a day after their elimination from Dancing With The Stars in Week 4, partners Holly and Dmitry were photographed arriving at Gramercy Park Hotel together.

It's not really clear whether anything was going on, or if they were just doing a promo tour together (likely), but hey, why not?

Is the obvious just a ploy to draw us in, so is it for real. Romance rumours are not something new for Cheryl, but a ring has never been involved before!

Holly Madison and Dmitry Chaplin (Season 8)First romance of Season 8!

pros Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts have taken their final bow as a couple.

They are splitting up after nine years of marriage.

Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts, competitive ballroom superstars Where they met: Eleven years ago, Jonathan and Anna were both in need of new ballroom partners.

Jonathan had seen Anna in competitions and was amazed by her.

He decided to take up dancing after he received a free trial at a local dance studio and enjoyed it. Jonathan Roberts is most well known for dancing on the United States version of Dancing with the Stars and choreographing routines on So You Think You Can Dance.

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