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So how does Scott really feel about living in La La Land? He told People that the reason he is still showcasing shaggy longer hair (although still blonde) and a full overgrown beard, which makes him look more like a mountain man that Felicity heartthrob, is because “I thought it (the long hair and beard) worked well for the (Adoration) character since he’s such an isolated and depressed guy.

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Not that that was ever a problem for me ever, at that time.” Scott continued “I loved being on .

But, just in terms of right now, I just feel like I’m working towards getting my foot in the door in films, you know? So I don’t want to go back, and get taken out of the game for nine months a year.” (Image of Scott Speedman as Tom in Atom’s Egoyan’s Adoration, All Rights Reserved). Scott told Jennifer Garcia from People that he loves where he currently lives, which is in L. That definitely a good place for Scott to reside so as to make connections for future films and to promote his acting career, although he confessed to Atom’s Egoyan’s Adoration he hates doing the talk show route to sell the films, which is always expected. And the desperation in the air can get to be a bit much at times.” Long Hair And Shaggy Beard – Doesn’t Shave When Not Working Since Adoration is now available in a limited release (as of May 8th), the Cannes film fav of 2008 is required Scott to show up and be interviewed.

"I was like, 'C'mon man, you've got to bring it home, you've got to do it.' I got to work and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half-panic, half-smile.

I just did not pull it off."Not to worry — even Russell now calls it her "Chia Pet" 'do."But it grew into something great, and we all recovered from it," he assured.

(Image of Scott Speedman as Tom in Atom’s Egoyan’s Adoration, All Rights Reserved).

The May 18, 2009 issue of People Magazine did an interview with Scott who has moved on into other acting roles.

When Kimmel asked the pair if a "'Gilmore Girls-y' kind of thing" might happen, Speedman said, "I really don't think so."However, he added, "I would do it." The problem is simply that "some people are on some high-class shows."No doubt he means that with Russell busy on "The American's" and Scott Foley (Noel) working on "Scandal," neither would be eager to return to their WB-drama roots 19 years after it all began. As it turns out, the extreme makeover left Speedman reeling, too.

"We were actually dating at the time, and I'd been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then, and I knew I had to put on a good show," he said of her big reveal.

It's almost too much for "Felicity" fans to hope for, but it happened!

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