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It’s related to the election.” The response from industry and cinephiles has been strong.At IFF more than 30 films withdrew their screenings and all juries except those tasked with project development resigned.

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The Ministry’s statement on the ban, aired in the unusual form of a website press release, cast blame on the Istanbul fest for failing to uphold a 2004 law requiring films to have a registration certificate.

But fest director Azize Tan notes that festivals across the country have, in practice, been largely exempt from the certificate laws, which are, at least on the surface, there to protect copyrights and ensure proper ratings when films get a commercial release.

The Tigris River gave rise to the world's first settlements and soon its waters will submerge some of their remnants as plans move forward to construct a hydroelectric dam that will flood a large tract of Mesopotamia in southeastern Turkey.

Through a project decades in the making, Turkish officials say the 1,200-megawatt Ilisu Dam will provide much-need electricity and irrigation to the region, yet opponents have decried the loss of ancient sites, such as Hasankeyf, upon the dam's completion.

Role of Family The family is the most important unit of social organization in contemporary Iraqi society.

It also is a relatively cohesive institution at the center of economic activities.They continue to live in the same neighborhood, to intermarry, and to group together on a kinship basis.Although the family is losing ground where social change is occurring most rapidly (such as in cities), family loyalty still dominates all aspects of Iraqi life.Located on the banks of the Tigris, its steep, limestone cliffs house clusters of Neolithic-era caves topped with a Roman fortress amid Artuqid and Ottoman landmarks.As German spat deepens, Turkey draws tourists from elsewhere Until recently, this visual stratification of history continued to draw tourists, but the site has been closed off for more than a year and, last week, crews began dynamiting cliffs near Hasankeyf to prepare the area for flooding as dam construction nears its final phase.After about 45 minutes, we crossed the checkpoint that meant we were leaving the Kurdish region, and a few minutes later, right when my phone’s blue dot was starting to get close enough to Mosul for my liking, I looked out the car’s right window and saw the camp: We pulled in, spent a bunch of time convincing the camp officials and ourselves that I was a journalist, and eventually I was allowed in.


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