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However, all schools are required to meet the standards of the Kuwait Ministry of Education. You cannot partake in any kind of paid employment without first obtaining a work visa. For recognition of UK educational qualifications and details of the Legalisation Process for Kuwait please see our Notarial and Documentary services guide.

Private Schools are free to set their own curriculum.

Many foreign schools base their curriculum on the standards of their home countries.

The traditional black overgarment ( abaya) is ankle length with long sleeves and a high neckline, and the hair is covered.

Some Arab women are totally covered, including their face and hands, especially Saudis and those with strictly religious husbands.

Third, we had dinner at the local market, and after we were full off of the first round food, our host said that there were three more courses coming.

It was a whirlwind, and I thought Kuwait was crazy fun.

This guide sets out essential information for British nationals residing in Kuwait, including general traveller’s advice, travel bans, information on commercial bank transfers and charitable organisations in Kuwait.

Before coming to Kuwait, visit the Health section of our Travel Advice pages.

Honestly, while I’ve seen most of the States, the first time I’d traveled internationally was when I came to Japan to start working for % Arabica Kyoto.

I have dreams to see the rest of the world, but I’m in no rush, and I can’t seem to get enough of Japan.

Generally, emergency treatment in government hospitals is free. If you use a private hospital, make sure you have comprehensive medical insurance or the funds to pay for it.

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