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This is a bit of a follow up from a post a while back.

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Lds articles on dating and marriage

Mormons have guidelines they follow when it comes to dating.

It is important to learn and understand these guidelines if you want to date a Mormon.

In other words, they are pressured to convert to Mormonism.

The Christians usually recognize the falsehoods of Mormonism, but they desperately want to continue their relationships and don’t know how to do so unless they become Mormons.

And then there are the Southern women who just call it common sense. In my mid-singles ward there is a consistent 3:1 ratio. Three beautiful and talented women for every single man. Plain and simple, it can feel like a competition to get the attention of the good guys and get a date.

In my current ward we have about 400 people attending on an average Sunday.

Other times, a single is trying hard and basically doing everything right to meet someone, yet the results still have not occurred for unknown reasons. Stay the Course Of course, giving up trying to meet, date and eventually marry someone is not the answer. Also, I am happily married in the temple (Manti) since 1996 and have 4 sons.

For some people they meet someone quickly, for others it can take years or even decades, and for others still, meeting a companion might happen in the next life. But continuing regular efforts to try to meet someone and foster an eternal relationship is an excellent goal to stick with continually until it finally happens. I am a volunteer writer and contributor to LDS Dimension.

It can take time and a high quantity of social encounters and interactions to find the one quality social connection and relationship. Keep Trying Learn about dating and relationships through books, audio, and video. You came to earth to succeed, including in this challenging area. Also, to be considered for an answer in a future Q and A column, please email me your dating/relationship oriented questions to [email protected]

Finally, I also offer a powerful, effective worldwide custom hypnosis recording service just for LDS Dimension members for weight loss, pornography, and many other issues of concern to those in the LDS dating community (please learn more now at email me questions to [email protected]).

Pretty good example of 'milk before meat', don't you think?

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