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Lee Dong Wook opened up quite a lot on this week's episode of 'Taxi'!

I'm definitely going to check out his earlier work. During the first few episodes looking serious and calm in your suit I immediately thought repeatedly "You look exactly like Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland!

Plus he's hot, yes that is biased but it's still true. :) watching roommate makes me fall for you more, i love you aaaah, you have very charming personality, now i understand why you have that reputation as an actor, you also high like others who get lead character, you are not someone who will boast what they achieved, you are humble and you know how to get along with the others even they have different personalities, i love you in all of your shows/movie as an actor specially hotel king but i love you more as a person in roommate, it shows the person identity and behavior without any script. He is one of the actor who gets more handsome as he grows older. " During your rage scenes I thought instantly to Public Enemies.

I'm actually a long time Lee Dong Wook- Lee Da Hae shipper but I guess people change. They also haven't gotten over their characters in the series because they keep on relating their me2day shoutouts/messages to their characters.

I haven't seen any other couple on screen who have showed such closeness as them.

Rather than saying the number of dates was high, there were a couple of long-term relationships. I think it is important that we shared the same long time together."He was also asked whether he changed while dating.

The actor responded, "I even took a selca and sent it once," to everyone's surprise.

SEE ALSO: Lee Dong Wook proves he comes over flowers any day in Taiwan's 'Marie Claire'He was asked, "Did you have a girlfriend who you considered marrying? How would it be to marry this person, those kinds of imaginings. Even now, I'm not really close to getting married." The MCs mentioned that it might be a good time to have a girlfriend now, but Lee Dong Wook replied, "I'm not interested...

I am single, and it feels comfortable because there are no restrictions...

Se7en’s agency noted that she provided the emotional support he needed while he was going through rough times.


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