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His mother was fine with out relationship until here recently when she found out that he was skipping school.. I *LOVE* Caroline's response about him having sex with his mom...

Blood tests can establish intoxication by narcotics. If you have a Handgun Carry Permit, carry in State and local parks is legal by default.

Peaceable journey laws apply, and if an HCP holder has a drink, it is allowable to unload the firearm and lock it in the trunk of the vehicle, provided that the driver is under 0.08% BAC. The final bill includes language stating that someone with a handgun permit may not be within the “immediate vicinity” of a school-sponsored park event, though it does not provide a clear definition of “immediate vicinity.” per Notice of the prohibition shall be displayed in prominent locations, including all entrances primarily used by persons entering the property, building, or portion of the property or building where weapon possession is prohibited.

Note that the age of consent is 18, but there is a 4 year "close in age" exception.

"My 17yr old son and his 17yr old girlfriend were denied tickets at the Cordova Malco theater for an "R" rated movie because they were not 18. My son has been buying "R" rated movie tickets at this theater since the day he turned 17." Surprise, Diana!

(a) When either applicant is under eighteen (18) years of age, the parents, guardian, next of kin or party having custody of the applicant shall join in the application, under oath, stating that the applicant is sixteen (16) years of age or over and that the applicant has such person's consent to marry.

(b) If the applicant is in the legal custody of any public or private agency or is in the legal custody of any person other than a parent, next of kin or guardian, then such person or the duly authorized representative of such agency shall join in the application with the parent, guardian or next of kin stating, under oath, that the applicant is sixteen (16) years of age but less than eighteen (18) years of age and that the applicant has such person's consent to marry.

It is lawful to possess a firearm on the premises of a public place where alcoholic beverages are served as long as such individual is not consuming alcoholic beverages. § , a student with a valid handgun carry permit may have loaded firearm in a vehicle, as long as the firearm is locked in a container, glove box, or trunk, and is not utilized or removed.

The allowable BAC for a handgun carry permit holder in public possession of a loaded firearm is exactly 0.0%, zero tolerance. BE ADVISED: While this is legal, the Tennessee Board of Regents or college can exact disciplinary action regardless of lawful vehicle transportation.

It is presumed you had a reasonable fear of imminent death or serious bodily injury if someone unlawfully and forcibly enters a residence, business, dwelling or vehicle.


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