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In Part 2, we will understand how the same tasks can be done without Linq Data Source control.

We will use the same Employee table to understand the custom databinding using LINQ. I've just returned to 3.5 after a year or so, previously only dabbling with 2.0.

The following code snippet in Listing 2, creates an Author object and adds it to the authors collection using the Add method and saves changes to the database by calling Submit Changes method of Data Context. This application shows authors data including authors' photo. So this grid shows how to display and manipulate images, text, boolean, and date types using DLINQ.

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So when I first started working with SQL Server 2008 and LINQ, I would pretty much just use the Linq Data Source because it was definitely the easiest to use.

It’s pretty good for testing purposes, or really small projects, but if you’re doing anything that is going to grow / is large already, then you’ll probably not want all that logic embedded in your pages.

As you can see from Listing, it creates an Author object and set its properties with the values entered on the sub form and calls Add New Record method of main form. Clicking on the Delete symbol (X in red) on the navigator deletes the currently selected row from the Data Grid View as well as from the database.

Listing 7 shows the code for the Delete button mouse down event handler.

I’m assuming that you already have some sort of working database, and that you’ve created a Data Context (i.e. (You know, dragging and dropping those tables, which just takes much work.) If you didn’t know what all was going on in the background, then I don’t blame you.

The short version of it is that it’s generating a bunch of classes to match the tables in the database.You can notice that I am passing a parameter in this method called sort Expression.After getting records into Data Table, I am sorting it based on the sortexpression passed to this method.In Part1, we have seen the basics of LINQ to SQL classes and the tools (LINQ to SQL designer) for generating LINQ to SQL class in Visual Studio 2008.Also, we have binded List View control with LINQDatasource control and provided edit, update, delete and insert feature using LINQDatasource control.LINQ to SQL, previously know as DLINQ, is an API to access databases in . This article shows how you can connect to a database, get data from a database table, and display it in a Data Grid View control.

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