Liquidating assets for charity

Best of all, you'll experience the joy of sending more to your favorite causes today.Or, if you're one of the select entrepreneurs who has the opportunity to sell your successful company for a sizeable gain, we can help you maximize your sale ...

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If you're one of them, we can help you leverage your real estate so you can send more to charity than you ever dreamed possible.

Learn more on our real estate page, or download our one-page PDFs for details: If you're running a business, our Charitable Shareholder strategy allows you to donate a non-voting interest, receive a substantial tax deduction, and still maintain management oversight.

The risk for Trustees of personal liability will often influence the decision to incorporate (or consider becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in line with the new legislation).

Registered companies and CIOs are separate legal entities and creditors cannot normally pursue Trustees personally for the charity’s debts (provided of course the Trustees have acted prudently and lawfully).

It is a time of mixed and strong emotions for those involved, including a nonprofit board, senior staff, administrative and line staff, partners, and stakeholders.

An organization has to make the difficult and momentous decision to close for two kinds of reasons: (1) involuntary reasons (e.g., an external shutdown is required, usually initiated through the state’s attorney general’s office or the office of the secretary of state) and (2) voluntary ones (e.g., mission has been achieved, a financial crisis has taken place, board and staff have exhausted their energy and ideas, or internal interpersonal disputes have overtaken an organization).

Nonprofit corporations are often faced with tough decisions about their future.

For a variety of reasons, a nonprofit’s board may determine that dissolution is the best answer.

Dissolution, or the closing of an organization in its current state, is more common than one might think.

But when an organization seriously considers ending its life, it’s a difficult and complex process.

In November 2012, People Can, a charity employing around 300 people, went into administration after being overwhelmed by a pensions deficit of over £17 million.


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