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Thai authorities said Monday they had arrested the owner of a sex show visited by pop icon Rihanna — the latest crackdown inadvertently triggered by the singer’s tweets.

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But, if the discussion and flirting leads the man into wanting to take this bar employee home, well, then he has to ask permission from her boss to leave her work station.

This requires some financial compensation to the bar-owner, usually in the range of 500 baht (between $15 and $20).

As such, it is also the place to be in the north for sex tourists.

The Oldest Profession in the World On our night out in Thailand we were struck by the number of middle-aged, white, Western men who seemed to be travelling alone. One bar after another, we were seeing Aussies, Americans, Canadians, Brits and a host of other fair-skinned fellows saddled up to the bar, only to be greeted warmly by a young, scantily-clad, dark-skinned and beautiful Thai woman. The ladies (so far, they’re still just ladies), are “employees” at the bar.

People – Thai women, adolescent boys and girls and those that walk the increasingly precarious gender gap line – “ladyboys” and “toms” – are all for sale here in Bangkok. While there is certainly no comparison to the volume of hedonistic pleasures taking place in Thailand’s biggest city, other cities in Thailand’s north and south make their bid to claim a piece of the sex tourism pie.

Our first stop in Thailand brought us to Chiang Mai, the cultural capital of Thailand and the biggest city in the country’s northern area.

Documentation of HIV transmission often present with significant holes and inconsistencies.

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