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Formerly The Little Pizza Place, Jay’s Place was renovated in 2005 in remembrance of Jay Wolkin ’99, who died in an airplane crash shortly before he was to graduate from Harvey Mudd.

The Covenant College Accounting Office is committed to caring for students and furthering their academic endeavors by accurately and safely stewarding their accounts and payments.

We seek to further the mission of the College by providing the tools necessary for it to successfully function during the day-to-day operations, as well as in its strategic goals.

Many of our customers have asked for a more convenient and less time consuming way to pay their water bill.

Our customers have commented on the benefit that would be gained from: (1) not having to remember to make their monthly payment, (2) providing payment protection during vacation, (3) savings on postage, and (4) avoiding the risk of late payment due to slow mail deliver.

To see the horses currently for sale check out the For Sale section.

Or if you’re curious where our horses end up, check out the Sold section.

( Spring 2005) “There were really three things Jay could not live without: cheese, duct tape and humor,” said Andrea Leebron-Clay, mother of Jay Wolkin ’99.

“So, it was difficult when we were trying to decide how to remember a guy who lived so fully.

We seek to offer biblical hospitality in word and deed and look forward to serving students, parents, staff, faculty, and administration each day.

The Accounting Office is responsible for all aspects of the College’s finances, including cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, student account payments, budgeting, purchasing, and financial reporting.

Based on these benefits, the Board of Directors has approved the Direct Payment Program. Click on the above link for the authorization agreement form.

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