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Then, you definitely want to attend the August edition of Quick Dates: Femme for Femme.

After mingling at the bar for a bit, we all sat down at a long table, where there was an empty chair next to each woman.

In column 1, you wrote the number of the guy you're dating, in column 2 his name, and in column 3, what you ranked him on scale from "" (no joke, it said that on the scale).

But over and over again, I've seen makers lose their mojo when it comes time to talk to buyers. • The ability to launch personalized emails to buyers with the click of a few buttons via the proprietary customer-relationship management (CRM) software I designed from scratch especially for artisan brands who need to track orders, launch regular followup, and set goals for business growth.

Here's what fifteen years as a full-time maker have taught me: If you're serious about growing your business into an engine that's capable of sustaining you in the long-term, then you must get proactive and drive that growth. • Two 60-minute Q A group calls with me each month to troubleshoot your wholesale woes, keep you motivated, and ensure that you're always working ahead of the curve.

We were each assigned a number and given a card with three columns printed on it.

In column 1, you wrote the number of the guy you're dating, in column 2 his name, and in column 3, what you ranked him on scale from "Maybe, let's have one more drink" to "Never in a million years" (no joke, it said that on the scale).Since 2012, I've been rolling up my sleeves to help makers product designers step up their business games. The Lucky Break team will curate either 15 or 30 stores per month, depending on your chosen membership level.I've had the privilege of guiding hundreds of creative businesses as they fortify product pricing, strengthen policies, and shift deeper into a business mindset. • A personalized monthly action plan to manage your outreach followup efforts.It should be fast and smooth but not gut-wrenching.The workout should fatigue you simply from the duration of the repeats, not the speed.In addition to going on dates with 10-15 single femmes, you’ll get a lesson in love from national lesbian matchmaker Kathleen Saunders from Three Day Rule.


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