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has been on an extraordinary journey over the past decade.Initially starting out as a film idea by struggling actors, it has gone from a cult to a flagship show for FX.

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Crude, controversial, outlandish, and downright hilarious. The gang's all back for a fifth season of FX's original comedy series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Come join Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob Mc Elhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson), and Frank (Danny De Vito), the self-centered owners of Paddy's Pub in Philadelphia who will do just about anything, no matter how reprehensible, in an attempt to better their own situation.

This week marks 10 years since the depraved, deranged exploits of the Paddy's Pub Gang entered into our unsuspecting lives, on August 4th, 2005. What they get in return is a vacant ghost town filled with homeless sex, puke, ripped out hair, and armed robbery.

So to celebrate all the selfish insanity that FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has spread throughout the past decade, we've updated our Top 10 Episodes list from a couple years back - including a brand new #1! Meanwhile - thanks to some Ecstasy - Charlie spends the perfect night with The Waitress.

Each session is brilliant in its own right, complete with Mac’s body issues, Charlie banging his head on the wall, Frank opening the floodgates and Dee’s compulsive lying, but it is Dennis who has the best session.

He tries to work with the therapist and reveals psychological dossiers he has been keeping on everyone in the gang, with his profile on his sister Dee dating back to second 2 The worst people to go on a roadtrip with, the gang decide to hit the road and drive to the Grand Canyon.Everyone’s into a Tinder-esque group date thing called “Bunchers,” so the gang give it a try.This breaks into three different stories, two of which are hilarious, while the other is just really sad. Having had some successful dates with a guy, Dee thinks she has a solid relationship going.Dennis has a fool-proof way of seducing women, leaving them with a psychological craving for his essence. But it's Frank and Mac who win big here thanks to Frank's ingenious "Rum Ham" and a party boat filled with booze, spray-tans and steroids. The physically and emotionally dangerous game that The Gang played back in Season 7 when it was a rainy day and they'd exhausted all other activities! ) which features Mac and Charlie doing their darndest to fake their deaths after their plan to lie to the parole board about Mac's felon father goes bust. Dennis and Dee drag everyone down to the Jersey Shore in a feeble attempt to recapture childhood memories. System to the rest of The Gang and then taking a fool-hearty bet that he could win back the woman he abandoned. All the psychological games and backstabbing then leads Dee to mistrust her own boyfriend, who winds up dumping her and taking off with Dennis' gal.


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