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After graduating from Fontbonne Hall Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school, Bartiromo briefly attended Long Island University before transferring to New York University, where she majored in business and journalism.At various points in her childhood, Bartiromo considered becoming a nurse, interior decorator, back-up singer or pharmacist.

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, the divorce suit includes a deposition order for the Juilliard-educated Choi, which demands she 'produce all correspondence..all court filings pertaining to the paternity, support or other legal issues with respect to your daughter'.

It was revealed earlier this week that 'Money Honey' Maria Bartiromo may be called as a witness in the bitter divorce battle after Melissa was granted permission by a Connecticut court to depose the 46-year-old.

Bartiromo grew up in Bay Ridge, a working-class, primarily Italian neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Her father owned Rex Manor, an Italian restaurant where Maria worked checking coats as a teenager.

Melissa is asking for receipts for meals, hotels or travel, photos of Todd and Choi together; correspondence, texts, ­e-mails and phone bills showing their communications from 2008 to this year.

The subpoena also insists that Choi, “Produce all documents and records including but not limited to credit card receipts and cancelled checks, in any way pertaining to any nights which you and Todd S Thomson spent together …from January 1 2008 to March 5 2013.” Melissa is also demanding the marital multi-million dollar Rowayton, CT, home in the divorce and joint custody of their minor children Ethan, 16, and Kaela, 13.

By August 1993, she had enough clips to send to Roger Ailes, then the president of CNBC. In 1995, two years into her tenure at CNBC, Bartiromo became the first reporter ever to report on television live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

It was a groundbreaking move, especially since the reporter in question was female - and sometimes the only woman on the floor. Male traders who found her presence unwelcome shoved and yelled at her. "In a situation like that, I can only recommend making sure that ...

As CNBC rode its traditional format, Fox adjusted its programming to focus on issues related to jobs and prosperity instead of obsessively tracking the market.

It packed the daytime hours with former CNBC personalities, among them “Money Honey” Maria Bartiromo. ” After “laddering up” (increasing) the audience during the presidential campaign, Fox Business garnered a household daytime audience of 207,000 viewers in the last three months of 2016, compared with 179,000 for CNBC, based on Nielsen data. CNBC, a highly profitable corner of Comcast’s cable-network empire, which also includes Bravo, USA, and E!

Coming from a rather humble background, she has worked hard and earned her success.

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