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Many couples would meet for the very first time on their wedding day.

This particular Elizabethan custom usually applied to the nobility but the married or religious life were the only real options for the Elizabethans ( a career for a woman was absolutely unheard of.) Regardless of their social standing women and men were expected to marry.

Single women who were thought to be witches by their neighbours...

Elizabethan women were expected to bring a dowry to the marriage. Arrangements for Elizabethan weddings would have been with the local church.

Children were subservient to the adults in the family.

They were raised to respect and obey their parents.

Just as today a woman's wedding was one of the most important days of her life.

The major difference to Elizabethan wedding customs to a modern day Western marriage is that the woman had very little, if any, choice in who her husband might be. They were dependent on their male relatives to support them.

A housewife (assisted by her servants if she had any) had to bake her family's bread and brew their beer (it was not safe to drink water).

Some women worked in food preparation such as brewers, bakers or confectioners. In the 17th century most households in the countryside were largely self-sufficient.

Most men could not run a farm or a business without their wife's help.

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