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Its main focus is the practice of brotherly love between its members, the propagation of charitable relief to those in need and the preservation of old traditions and customs in a private setting.It is commonly believed that the Masonic fraternity evolved out of a guild of stone-masons dating from the middle-ages.The Second Degree of Freemasonry enjoins us to be lovers of the liberal arts and lovers of learning. The Library was to be “….purely a Masonic Library and not to be considered as a public library…” (ibid, p. This means it is a “specialized library,” having limited subject matter but in great depth.

Those of our readers with long memories may ask, “How can we celebrate 200 years in 2017, when we just celebrated 100 years in 1971? 27, 1864, there was some discussion that the Library should preserve a series of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s Proceedings, as well as the Proceedings of sister Grand Lodges, copies of our Ahiman Rezon, and all the printed By-Laws of the subordinate Lodges. By 1872, the Library had acquired the 1734 Brother Benjamin Franklin’s reprint of Anderson’s Constitutions, and proudly took note of the first Grand Lodge publication: the 1783 Ahiman Rezon. Brother Julius Friedrich Sachse became the first Librarian and Curator in 1908, holding the position until his death in 1919. Carpenter (founding editor of The Pennsylvania Freemason; Librarian and Curator, 1961-1969; Grand Secretary, 1973-1979; and R. As the curatorial responsibilities of the Museum became more complex, Glenys Waldman became Librarian in 2005 and Brother Dennis P. The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania became a non-profit 501c(3) organization in 1990.

” This time, we celebrate the organization, in 1817, of the original committee charged with putting the cherished, but “back-burner” idea into action. of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia: The Grand Lodge, 1900), vol. A Library Room was included in the plans of the current Masonic Temple, and a “Committee of Five” to oversee its collection was proposed at the June Quarterly Communication in 1871. 5, the Library Committee had it first formal annual report full of happy news of donations from Grand Secretary John Thomson, as well as many Brethren both here and abroad. By 1951, a Circulating Library allowed books to be lent out to members of the fraternity to be read off-site.

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Members of the Freemasons therefore quickly make close friends and acquaintances from many different walks of life.

Freemasons meet together in individual units called Lodges.Mozart, Sousa, Berlin; and writings or works of art by Masons, e.g. There is an equal-sized collection of Masonic materials from “the pro-position” from as early as 1779. Leazer, whose original assignment was to write a study supporting the anti-Masonic views of his church.Sometimes to their own surprise, writers have found that their originally anti-Masonic position had to be revised. The Library collection is complemented by the Museum and Archives collections, and conversely, printed works are also acquired specifically to support the Museum and Archives.As the centuries passed, many people in society became members of those masonic guilds and by the early enlightenment era, Freemasonry had become a purely social and fraternal institution which preserved the traditions and practices of those original guilds.Despite common opinion, Freemasonry is not a political or religious organisation.Also able browse enormous database of like-minded individuals looking to gain new inside jokes with friends and talk to each other and although i am not aware.

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