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Any woman who has been on a dating site or app is familiar with the parade of penis pictures.

During my time on OKCupid, my inbox was routinely inundated with unsolicited photos of cisgender men’s genitalia Of the 37 guys who communicated with her about her v-pic, “every one of them wanted to meet me, regardless of age or location,” she wrote on Thrillist about the experiment.

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I changed my password but that did not change at all.

I signed up for meetme using my facebook, it worked well for about a week.

If a woman wants to turn the tables on men by sending them vulva photos, only to find that the men are excited by the pictures, it would be easy to assume that the problem is not with the unsolicited nude images, but that women are too sensitive about receiving them.

However, women receive sexually explicit messages from men on a near-constant basis — whether in the form of street or online harassment.

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If women want to drive home the point that sending non-consensual photos of genitalia to someone is not okay, we need to hold ourselves to the same standards we’d like to see men abide by.

unsolicited vulva photos appearing in their inboxes?

The woman then told him that her daughter gets sick and is disabled.


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  2. When I was newly divorced, I would write guys three paragraph intro letters that not only went into too much detail about my life, but assumed way too much about theirs.

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  6. Many of these forms of evangelism are often employed in only certain parts of the world by Christians in different geographical areas.

  7. And yet the very notion of being able to “just get on with it” is the articulation of a position of privilege.

  8. Studies have shown that only 10 percent of app matches lead to real dates, and before achieving that small fraction, you must first exert a substantial amount of effort messaging back-and-forth.

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