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They split in October 2010 after starting dating in late 2006.He is nearly 6 ft 3 in, so they formed a good couple.

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Interview with Maddie Wheat, The Global Townhall teen celebrity correspondent who is “Miss Wheat State Teen USA” in Donald Trump’s Miss USA Pageant.

Maddie Wheat: What advice can you give us teens on dating, love and boyfriends?

I became a household name in Italy overnight which then made me a household name back home in Australia and everything else just kind of grew from there!

Born in Perth, WA, Australia, Gale is of half British, half Polynesian heritage and is the youngest of three children.

Breaking news: Megan Gale has been cast as Wonder Woman! She first captured popularity in Italy, and then solidified her status in native Australia.

Megan Gale was born on August 7, 1976, in Perth, Australia.

Gale achieved her great fame and success rather late for a model.

At twenty-four, while studying at university, she won a modeling competition and appeared in a series of advertisements for the Italian telecommunications commercials, Omnitel (now Vodafone Italy); she appeared in the company's advertising until 2006.

Race / Ethnicity White Megan has English ancestry on her dad’s side while she is of Maori descent on her mother’s side.

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