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In a hearing last week where Thomas pled guilty to assaulting Ford, Thomas’ lawyer, David Bythewood, said one reason why the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office allowed her to take a plea deal was because it was Ford who sparked the fracas.

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So I’m doing something new: I get Candace and David to bring a bunch of good appropriate men and women to the mixer.

I just want a handful of guys for Melyssa, and a handful of girls for Larry.

I always felt like the right opportunity had not come across my path.

But I always knew that if I was going to do a reality show it would be with Bravo and it would be a show just like this one.

“But my client did go forward, but we are prepared for the plea.” When Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Lisa Sokoloff asked Thomas if she had indeed “struck an individual named Melyssa Ford with an object causing her to sustain injuries and pain to her head,” Thomas said she did, but she acted in self-defense. Thomas was ordered to complete 10 days of community service, stay away from Ford unless they’re filming and pay $250.

“As part of the show, you can’t say, ‘I’m going to get you, watch out,’” Judge Sokoloff told Thomas.

I introduce the best ones to Melyssa for her to choose from, and I’ll pick the best girl to set up Larry with on a blind date. Jay listened to the conversation, and remembered Melyssa liked bowling and cigars.

And he took her on a perfect, fun, get-to-know-you date.

Swhile Jason Lee and Giovanni Watson were given the day off, Melyssa Ford A. A the invited Alesha Renee, and of course, your favorite #uncensored guest host Claudia Jordan, who brought a very noteworthy and uncensored conversation.

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