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Only had one annoying harassment situation so far but that's not why I prefer to avoid voice. Don't know what happened in voice chat at that moment.

It's because I more often get the "shut up squeaker" treatment lol. I haven't played in competitive yet but in quick play I played with a chick and nobody said anything. I wouldn't not use your mic just cause a couple of a holes in the past have given you a hard time.

] [Devilman] Come out the place before your heads get bit off Like a car you will get writ off In half you will get split off I don't know where you been hearing that bullshit off D. Velopment busting off lyrics like Kalashnikov From long range these MC's get picked off I got a chip on my shoulder All i gotta do is let the chip off Yeah, that why you shouldn't run your lip off And you shouldn't buss guns if you can't fill the clip up That’s why certain man slip up Don't last long in a gunfight, man a get shit up Yeah, heads get pricked off If I know where you live, doors get kicked off Then plenty of shots get licked off, bill a spliff then a Hennessey, that's lit up [Skepta] Yo That's why I sing all the songs I sung I’ve been a street hustler from young When I buy a 4 and a half, put a crumb on my tongue Wait for it to go numb Me and Bossman we can never get stung Any funny business put the lead through his lung Can't school me about Whitney and I used to put 13 scores in my mouth, and start chopping up a half ounce with H Can't chat to Meridian about weight Devilman wouldn't even know what to do with an eighth He brought an 8 ball on the 24th He still trying to move it on the 8th Devilman don’t know about Tanitas with the batteries held in with Sellotape He would have thought he was looking at the date of birth when I put my food on the scales When I get shift I start biting my nails But I've never ever been an informer, never told tales I roll with 4 black males And the feds better lock us in separate jails Dizzee Rascal should have phoned my phone We regulate all the class A sales [Devilman] This is the final I will split Skepta's head with a vinyl Or tell him to suck his girls vaginal Or pistol whip his stepdad Lionel You're just a little prick, boy I'll just box ya Two snooker balls then I socks ya Go get a [? ] that her chest is sore I need to find a way to express this, [? [Devilman] You don't want me to burn the flame on Turn insane on Thunder lightning and rain on If you want war, then it's game on Using your head I'll bust a window pane on It's not hard to explain Make sure you get cracked like cocaine Make a man cut you up like sugar cane I grow like a flower when it gets rained on I bring the pain on You can never train on the ground that I train on You can never come around me with that chain on End up with your head buss and your chain gone Couldn't fuck with me from day one I got a black line, now I got a grey one I play the game you don't wanna play don So it's best that you stay out of my way don [Skepta] Don't talk to me about karate I will come to your birthday party Slap anyone I see taking Charlie On the beef like a soldier from the Iraqi I'm with the Slew Dem army My name's Junior, but when I see them pub guys They try call me darky So I fight for my rights like Marcus Garvey Wearing a glove, Boy Better Know I got the gun in my boxers I don't wanna send Devilman to the doctors I wanna win a MOBO and go for the Oscars Theres only one Bassman, so i gotta lick down any imposters I'll lick off your head like Guinness and Fosters Can’t take showerman for Pocahontas [Devilman] Skepta, you're not immaculate, you're not elegant You got messed up hormones like you're pregnant Yeah, you're not regular You play division, I play premier You probably got lyrics, but I got many-er D. V, I've got fans in Kenya If you want a CD manna got ten 'ere Just a likkle bit of wun mai pun senya Cause I move too physical Lyrically critical It's just typical From far from despicable Just like trainers my lyrics are pickable Like punani my style's unlickable When I'm on the radio I get transmittable When I'm in a female then I get literal No bullshit, yeah I mean literal [Skepta] Devilman draw for the 'chete Bullets start dropping down like confetti But I won't bring a strap if the beef is petty Nah Devilman, I just draw for the 'chete And I make your belly look like a bowl of spaghetti Leave his lip bust and his forehead sweaty I'll make him wish he never drawed the machete Go on, you think you're ready?

] [Round 3:] [Skepta] It's not you it's me Can't diss me or my family tree You'll get a shank in your chest with my front door key Box in the face with my back door key Draw for the leng, kill an MC I got a black ski mask but I don't ski And if you diss Wiley or Jme I will come to your set like What soundboy, who is it? Everybody get sprayed I'm a hitman but I don't get paid Two bullets in a wasteman's skin fade Leave red stains on his clothes like cherryade Brand new duppies have to get made Make ya headtop explode like grenade If you wanna draw for the blade I will be like what Devilman Who is it? Go on then Devilman, go on then, draw for the gatty I'll burn out your mouth like a salt fish patty Won't bring a strap if you're just a likkle batty The machete will leave his T-shirt tatty And I will make his belly look like a bowl of Basmati Leave him with a sweaty forehead like a fatty Still wants to be a hot head like Ratty Go on then, draw for the gatty, go on then [Devilman] Yeah, I will torture Skepta like I play with toys Torture Skepta like I play with toys Cover up his mouth so it don't make noise Then go, make sure he's tied to the bed Cut his face and bring force to his head and I dread To see how much blood that I shed Because I know most of the blood comes from his head My favourite colours are purple and red So you might as well say that Skepta's dead But I’m torturing Skepta I’ll start from his head and go all the way down to his toes Rip out his scalp and then pull out his eyes and then stick a big pole up his nose Get rid of his clothes and burn off his toes, [?

@#$ if your a girl aslong as you dont play the "im a girl" card to get away with being bad.

You will always run into the horny teenager that will spam you, but you can easly block them.This week though, they both suffered humiliating rejections that suggested they might not be that irresistible after all. Harry Baron was such a cartoon cad that, even though he was the spitting image of the prince from Tangled, the E4 producers might as well have simply called him ‘Dick Dastardly’ and been done with it.Just the name ‘Dick’ would have summed him up even better.When you login you have the option to chat randomly with many people from all over the world using a cam, mic and text.From within our chat room you may click the room list option to navigate to the many other chat rooms on the network.I'm sure there's some people out there that are dicks but they're dicks to everyone- being a girl is just something different that they can attack. I can't count how many times in TF2 a female voice came on over chat and everyone lost their ! Whenever the players weren't outright misogynistic they were awkwardly trying to flirt with them because OMG GURLZ DONT PLAY GAEMZ.


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