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This World Heritage site is one of Mildura’s hidden Gems, Mungo Lady and Mungo man are the earliest human remains found in Australia, dating back 42,000 years.

Our ground and air tours include return flights to Mungo, scenic flight over the Lunette, cooked breakfast at Mungo Lodge and a comprehensive ground tour.

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Australian Inland Botanic Gardens: Australia’s most unique Botanic Gardens, a prime example of what community spirit can achieve is on display.

As the first semi-arid botanical gardens in the Southern Hemisphere, this is where the desert really comes into bloom.

Paddle steamers on the Murray River at Trentham Estate, Mildura.

Photo: Robert Blackburn/Supplied by Visit Victoria Often referred to as an oasis on the edge of the outback, Mildura sits on the border of Victoria and NSW, relatively close to South Australia.

Located only a few blocks outside the Mildura town centre, the Mildura Arts Centre is a significant cultural precinct that has played an important role in the creative life of the Sunraysia region.

Since its humble beginnings at the Rio Vista Historic House, the centre has been developed to incorporate art galleries, a performing arts venue, gardens and a sculpture park.

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A must see is the junction of Australia greatest two rivers, the Murray and Darling, Artback Australia for a coffee/lunch and if time allows a trip out to Perry Sand Hills and Old Wentworth Gaol.

Paddleboat cruises: Most days’ the Paddlesteamer Melbourne departs Mildura wharf for a 2 hour cruise downstream through Lock 11.

You will learn about some of the earliest human life on earth, aboriginal culture and early European settlers living in an isolated, inhospitable conditions.


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