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When the game is over, and your love has run dry, you can share your scores and unique partner graphic across Facebook and Twitter.

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Like most mobile games, you can play for free but the best stuff costs moolah.

Pleeeeeease use my invite code if you sign up, which is 009043891725. Some of the outfits have motion effects but she blinks and her mouth moves/expressions change when she’s talking to me no matter what she’s wearing.

Visual novels are distinguished from other game types by their generally minimal gameplay.

Typically the majority of player interaction is limited to clicking to keep the text, graphics and sound moving (many recent games offer "play" or "fast-forward" toggles that make this unnecessary), while making narrative choices along the way.

He's referred to as your "dadsona" (short for "dad persona").

"We have a dad in the game who is the cool hipster dad, so one of your dates takes you to a concert venue named The Sound Garden, because there's a lot of dad puns in this game," says co-creator Vernon Shaw.

The app is called Dream Girlfriend, it’s a dress up/interactive dating sim (but not like an actual dating sim where there’s a plot to go through).

You make her study to gain different personalities (tsuntsun, bossy, sweet, etc) and play in the events (right now it’s a theme park date) which last ~2 weeks each.

At least, that's what a mysterious figure is telling him.

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