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To that extent the chapter is, like so much legal writing on PNG, inadequate to the complex task of comprehensively exploring the new nation’s intricate and pluralistic legal environment.

The purpose of the legal research upon which this chapter is based was very specific.

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'It was so painful to me, but then I let it go,' Mona sighs.

'If I go to the law, they cannot help me.' The reason Mona's attackers are unlikely to ever face justice, is that Mona is a sex worker.

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And the harsh reality in many countries is that when you're a sex worker, you get very little protection from abuse.

For many years we have documented human rights violations against sex workers in countries all over the world, highlighting the fact that they are consistently at heightened risk of abuse.

These achievements included approving the long-awaited national action plan on combating human trafficking and standard operating procedures for the identification, referral, and protection of victims and initiating the first three prosecutions under the country’s anti-trafficking law.

Despite these achievements, the government did not begin implementation of the national action plan and standard operating procedures or allocate resources to do so.

Decriminalisation of Prostitution in Papua New Guinea Karen Fletcher and Bomal Gonapa Prostitution, as the concept is understood in Western law, was criminalised in Papua and New Guinea in the early 20th century by the colonial governments of Queensland and Australia.


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