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Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Morgan m an dating granddaughter

Davenport has numerous ties to the Pennsylvania capital Shared home: Myrna Colley-Lee's home in Charleston, Mississippi, where Hines lived for some time.

In 2009, we reported that Morgan Freeman and E’Dena Hines were romantically involved.

Police responding to a 911 call in Manhattan's Washington Heights before 3 a.m. The 33-year-old had been stabbed multiple times in the upper body, the New York Police Department said.

he has NEVER had a romantic relationship with his 27-year-old step-granddaughter E'Dena Hines ...

“I’m caught between the hate I have for him, my love for him being my brother, and my heart breaking for her." Hines is the granddaughter of Freeman's first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, to whom he was married from 1967 to 1979.

Hines regularly accompanied Freeman to red-carpet events.

but now he feels compelled to speak out after the reports were picked up by various "mainstream media" outlets.

In his statement, Freeman says, "The recent reports of any pending marriage or romantic relationship of me to anyone are defamatory fabrications from the tabloid media designed to sell papers.

The Golden Globe winner, 74, also denied claims that he's been in a relationship with Hines, 27, for the past 10 years.

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