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This is a chronological index for the start year for motor vehicle brands (up to 1969). Knight had been convicted under the old act, the previous year, for not having a man precede his vehicle with a red flag, and Walter Arnold was the first person to be convicted, in January 1896, for exceeding the speed limit. Steam: Leyland; internal-combustion: Anglo-French, Arnold, Arrol-Johnston, Atkinson and Philipson; motorcycle: Excelsior, motor tricycle: Ariel USA.For manufacturers that went on to produce many models, it represents the start date of the whole brand; for the others, it usually represents the date of appearance of the main (perhaps only) model that was produced. Steam: Black; steam tractor: Avery; internal-combustion: Buckeye gasoline buggy France. Internal-combustion: Léon Bollée, Corre, Rochet-Schneider UK. Meanwhile, Serpollet was issued with what was effectively the first driving licence. Steam: Gardner-Serpollet; internal-combustion: Clément-Gladiator, Dalifol, Darracq, Lorraine-Dietrich, Triouleyre; voiturette: Dalifol & Thomas, Goujon, Léon Bollée; motorcycle: Clément and Gladiator Italy. Internal-combustion: Altham, Black, Electric & internal-combustion: Brewster, Haynes-Apperson France.London-based startup Rendeevoo comes at this problem from a different angle, with a philosophy focused around the offline, rather than in-app experience.

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This discrete MOSFET H-bridge motor driver enables bidirectional control of one high-power DC brushed motor.

The small 1.3″ × 0.8″ board supports a wide 6.5 V to 30 V voltage range and is efficient enough to deliver a continuous 25 A without a heat sink.

Thomas Rickett's steam powered car was particularly notable in the history of motor vehicle production in as much that several examples were made, and it was also advertised. This is why he was granted his patent, and is regarded as its inventor. Electric: Oppermann; internal-combustion: Alldays & Onions, Grose, James and Browne, Madelvic, Star; tricar: Humber; motor tricycle/quadricycle: Arsenal, Eadie, Leuchters; motorcycle: Swift, USA. Electric: Bouquet, Garcin & Schivre, Monnard; internal-combustion: Allard-Latour, Esculape, La Lorraine, Luc Court, Marot-Gardon, Raouval, Renault (including the first saloon car), Turcat-Méry; light car: Naptholette; voiturette: Andre Py, Cochotte, Populaire, Rouxel; alcohol fuelled: L'Alkolumine Germany. Hybrid: Pieper; internal-combustion: Nagant, Pipe; voiturette: Antoine Canada. Internal-combustion: Ader, Ardent, Chenard-Walcker, Maillard, Nanceene, Otto; voiturette: Chainless, Soncin; motorcycle: Buchet, Castoldi Germany.

His wife and sons became the first true motorists, in 1889, when they took the car out for the specific task of paying a family visit. Steam: American Waltham; electric: Riker; internal-combustion: Rutenber, St. Internal-combustion: Adler, Albion; voiturette: AGG; motorcycle (later trucks): Phänomen Italy. Internal-combustion: Hewinson-Bell, Napier, Smith & Dowse; voiturette: Billings-Burns; motorcycle: Rex-Acme USA.

The easy to learn script language allows anyone to efficiently write large visual novels, while its Python scripting is enough for complex simulation games. The quickstart walks you through the process of creating a simple game.

Ren'Py comes with a comprehensive, if complex, reference manual, also available in Japanese.

Launching in May 2014, the app has built both a name for itself and a loyal user base in East London, as well as attracting the interest of investors and the press.


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