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Mr Beatty said the RSPCA would look into the incident if there was any information that the turtle was harmed, and said Biosecurity Queensland could also launch investigations under the Nature Conservation Act.FRASER COAST TOP STORIES Dash Cam: Only seconds from horror in near miss Best florist on the Fraser Coast revealed Fraser Coast bus drivers pay respect to Brisbane driver "These guys are just complete idiots - there's no way they should be doing what they were doing," he said.If we'd have had a bigger group behind us, it could've been a far bigger and dangerous crash.” The Standard has contacted the Met Police for a comment.

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Library Journal Something less than short stories, something more than mere jokes, the pieces collected in this volume (most of them first published in the New Yorker ) poke fun at all kinds of cultural pretensions, both highbrow and lowbrow. ) the Bloomsbury Group's newest, Live at the Apollo, is a shouting, foot-stomping, rafter-shaking exception to this rule.

Among the offerings: a musicological essay that extracts preposterous biographical information from an old telephone bill of Stravinsky's; a literary history of the ``age of Niven'' that analyzes books by movie actors; and a page from Mrs. Anyone who has not seen John Maynard Keynes doing his famous strut, or Duncan Grant playing his bass while flat on his back, can now get an idea of what he's been missing!

Numerous live comedy shows billed as Real Mc Coy reunion events have been sell-out successes; clips from the show remain hugely popular on You Tube; and the correspondence that has flooded The Voice since the start of our campaign would suggest that the show is still very much in demand.

However, indications received by the Beeb give the impression that the programme is not as popular as we may think.

Sadly, The Voice must now report that the BBC will not be issuing the much-loved black British sketch show on DVD, as they do not believe the demand for the programme is big enough to justify the cost.

A BBC Worldwide spokesperson told The Voice: “There are no current plans to release The Real Mc Coy on DVD as, regrettably, we do not feel there is a big enough market to justify the investment.

"QPWS are taking this matter seriously and investigating further." The Chronicle has reached out to the alleged poster, Ricky Rogers, for comment.

EARLIER: RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Michael Beatty has slammed the actions of the two men as "complete idiots".

He said: “They'd clearly been egging one another on all night and the level of one upmanship reached its peak just as we happened to be rolling through.

“We're just lucky we'd been the last few riders through a set of traffic lights.

AFTER MONTHS of campaigning for the return of The Real Mc Coy, The Voice has now learned that the BBC will not be issuing the show on DVD.


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