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Have you ever been unable to change the start date of a task in Microsoft Project?You type in 11/2 for the start date and it changes back to 11/19.

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Ms project dates not updating

MS Project and Primavera are both reputed software for project planning, reporting and progress updating, tracking.

Both the software are used worldwide and they have their own benefits.

You are not able to start Task B before you have finished the foundation. The link between these two tasks is therefor a Finish to Start. 2.

Start to Start (SS) Let’s say that you and a friend are going to put up a new fence.

Tasks end later than you think because people are not available. Print "Weekly Holiday", day ' that day came from the overall global calendar, typically saturday/sunday Else Debug.

If you have longer projects, the number of holiday days, bridging days and other nonworking time add up and can significantly extend your project far beyond your established deadline. ” in MS Project you can change both the project calendar and the calendar of each team member. The following macros update nonworking time from an Excel file. Print "Exception Holiday", day ' that day was manually set (either in global holiday or in resource calendar Nonworkingtime = Nonworkingtime & Format(day, "yyyy") & vb New Line End If End If End With Next day Msg Box Nonworkingtime, vb Information, "Base Calendar contains ..." End Sub ' ' Removes nonworking times from today until end of following year ' Private Sub swa Non Working Time Project Remove() Dim from Date As Date, to Date As Date, day As Date from Date = Date to Date = CDate("31.12." CStr(Year(Date) 1)) Application. Open("C:\GM_Reporting-edta-new\GM_Reporting_Absence.xls") Set swa Worksheet = Excel App. Row swa Range = "K6: L" & runto Arr = swa Worksheet.While such automated scheduling features are usually helpful, mastering them requires a complete understanding of how they are designed to work.If you try to link a task or change the date of a task and MS Project doesn’t cooperate, there are several justifications Project may have for insisting on certain dates.In Primavera we can create a blank custom fields, but we can not define formulas as detailed and complex to the columns as we can do in MS Project, so users have to manually enter values in each in the field, for each column. It comes installed with over 250 columns, each giving you different information.Some column category to name include EVM, Budgeting, Costs, variances, dates etc.These two tasks are of Start to Start link type because your friend needs to wait until you have started your activity but he does not need to wait until your are finished with your task. Start to Finish (SF) When you lay a foundation to a house with concrete you could have two tasks, Lay foundation (Task A) and Deliver Concrete (Task B).


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