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In fact, a report by the Center for Health Workforce Studies suggests that demand for registered nurses in the state is expected to grow between 20, especially in long-term care settings.

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics listing the average salary for an RN in New York at ,950, an education in the field is more than just a wise career choice; it's a lucrative one as well.

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For RN bridge programs visit: One of the quickest routes to becoming an RN is to earn an Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN).

This degree program lasts just 2 years, making it ideal for those who want to enter the workforce as soon as possible.

The University at Buffalo School of Nursing offers a range of graduate level programs of study, including a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and a Masters Degree (MS) in Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems.

All application materials are submitted online through the application portal, except for official transcripts and test scores.

Leader: Marcie Jacklin Meet at 8am in the parking lot at the south end of Crescent Road. This trip will focus on southbound migrants, both passerines and shorebirds.

The north shore of Lake Erie just west of Buffalo has many great little migrant traps and Marcie knows them well.

The event is at Buckhorn Island State Park on Grand Island, NY (map link below).

Meet at the large parking lot on East-West Park Rd.

In the process, they learn how interesting and\r\n powerful games can be created with simple building blocks and techniques.

Participants will: analyze and revise game character, write code to create game action, collaboratively plan and create a Kodu game, give and receive peer feedback, and explore the iterative\r\n design process.

It is typically offered at smaller colleges, such as community and/or technical schools.


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