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On the Gulf coast, though, you can still find a genuine made-in-Florida treat that you likely won’t see anywhere else: smoked mullet.

Right now, in fact, we are in prime mullet season, which runs from early fall until Christmas.

My mother’s mouth falls open and her eyes fill with tears. Everyone from Fendi to Marc Jacobs was channelling their inner punk princess.

“Yeah, he’s a one-and-only, that’s for sure,” Simpson responded. Simpson, La Vergne and unknown people in the hearing room appeared to be discussing an apparent “fight” at Lovelock that Felix had claimed to break up to keep Simpson from getting written up for an infraction. “He saved you from having any infractions, because you were gonna get written up for it, right? “Who do this job here all the time and have done a great job. Simpson has always spoken phenomenally well of the conditions here and how he’s been treated.

He saved you,” La Vergne sarcastically said to Simpson, his opinion of Felix’s story clearly dripping with sarcasm.

But when I leap onto a Tube — horror of horrors — I see my childhood sweetheart’s stepfather staring back at me. But the true test, of cource, will be when my boyfriend of a year, Drew, sees what I’ve done to myself.

He has always loved my hair loose and natural, and I’m welling up with panic as I jump in a nearby taxi.

These days, vacationers in Florida treat themselves to all manner of seafood: crab cakes, blackened grouper, sweet-battered coconut shrimp.

Many popular items, like snow crab legs, aren’t even caught in Florida waters, arriving frozen in cardboard boxes from thousands of miles away.

During each appearance, Felix had a tendency to plug his book early and often. Thanks to Nevada's parole board, OJ Simpson will be a free man in October.

From USC football star to playing in the NFL, from appearing in a Hertz commercial to starring in "The Naked Gun," and from being a murder suspect to getting acquitted, The Wrap takes a look at O.

J.’s “best friend” in prison, has been making the rounds on television, publicly changing his former opinion that Simpson should be paroled.


  1. Macy has won two Emmy Awards and three Screen Actors Guild Awards, as well as being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

  2. But the harsh reality is this: unless you are going to supervise your children 100 per cent of the time while online, they are not safe.

  3. You might know Sarah as the creepy clairvoyant friend of Jessica’s character, Constance.

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