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It’s nearly impossible — not to mention time-consuming — to decipher who’s genuine based on a few paragraphs. Truth Finder is an online people search engine that pulls information from an extensive database of public records.

Here’s how you can screen potential dates with this service: Once you enter the name, gender, and location of a potential date, Truth Finder starts searching for information on them.

Period." producer Helen Estabrook touted "Off You" by The Breeders: "I'm just going to lie here and listen to this song.

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After a few dates with these new, “upper-echelon” ladies, I noticed a common denominator.

All of a sudden, I was the funniest, most handsome, most successful man they had ever met. It took a few failed dates until I realized something crucial: I was a hot commodity because of my income — but nobody wants to be chased just for their money.

(I blame a combination of childhood realities for my current conundrum; one being the luxury of growing up with a backyard pool. Such is life.) But now living a pool-less existence in Halifax poses an issue.

But swimming in the ocean, or even a deep lake for that matter, scares the crap out of me.

As a reference, I’m 5’6”, 29 years old, somewhat large around the waist, and going bald. To spare other men from the same struggle, I’m sharing the best way I found to screen potential dates.

The women who prey on rich men are good at what they do, so there probably won’t be any red flags within their dating profiles.

I started getting flooded with matches, and these women were much prettier than any of the previous matches I’d gotten.

While it’s never been a secret that rich men have an easier time finding dates, it was still startling to see how many women had a sudden interest in me once my income broke six figures.

) and Ashley Lent Levinson, who previously developed and ran the member programming at the industry-oriented private club's West Hollywood branch — is a mobile app to help users share and curate cultural recommendations, beginning with key categories that include dining, travel and the arts.

(Fashion and other interests will debut later.) Among Rex's top financial backers are Sean Bailey, president of production at Walt Disney Pictures, as well as UTA's new media ventures unit. "The idea is that everything posted is actionable," says Levinson of the Manhattan-based service, which is debuting on Apple's App Store. I have certain friends who I'd look to for a dive bar and others I'd look to for a restaurant for a special occasion." Of course, it's easier to get a little help from your friends when they're all tastemakers.

"You can eat it or read it or go there." Adds Smith: "Rex is built on the idea that a recommendation from one person you trust is worth more than a thousand strangers. Smith and Levinson's own influencer-heavy social circles have served as Rex's beta phase user base.


  1. Dating other members that have like minded interests is an ideal way to come up with ideas to do once you are dating.

  2. It seemed like I was receiving a reply within three hours after sending a letter and the responses were very generic, weak and always included two photos of the lady.

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