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A young girl shoots a glance at Suu Kyi, who winks back in reassurance.This man is not a real prisoner, her smile suggests, even if the party elders flanking her have each spent more than a decade in the junta's jails.

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It is Children's Day at the NLD's Yangon headquarters, an event timed to coincide with the birthday of Suu Kyi's father, Burmese independence hero Gen. Images of father and daughter—strikingly similar, save for his military uniform—hang above the NLD's entrance, along side walls, and in laminated pins on the shirts of children in the audience.

But now all eyes are on the magician slowly weaving the rope around the volunteer's legs, arms, and torso, and even through his clothes.

As a result, I have updated the links section to include some of the nonprofit organizations involved in encouraging democracy in Burma, in order to provide a different lens for viewing the situation within the country.

I will say it again: it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to travel to Burma, but at a minimum it is extremely important to read up as much as you can about the history and politics and conflicts within the troubled country before you go.

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