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Proposals should demonstrate creativity, innovation, added value to the arts, and potential for success.Potential proposals could be a new kind of gallery show, a series of performances, an online course, an outreach program, or anything else your creative mind can devise - the sky is the limit!In a world packed with mouth-watering travel possibilities, planning that next big trip is all part of the adventure. Uncovering the secrets of classical Spain, strolling down the ancient streets of Pompeii or watching the sun set from the Bridge of Sighs in Venice can be just as thrilling as hiking in Canada’s Rocky Mountains or wandering through the redwood forests of California.

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Through historical and ethnographic research, the book explores how Asians and Asian Americans have come to form such a presence in the world of classical music and what social and cultural significance one might draw from this phenomenon.

Through interviews with approximately one hundred musicians, the book analyzes the relationship between Asian and Asian American musicians’ racial and cultural identity on the one hand and their music making on the other.

The Horne Prize Applications close 18 September Entries are now open for the Horne Prize.

The Saturday Paper, in partnership with Aesop, is proud to announce that entries are now open for The Horne Prize.

Finalists will be coached to help prepare for the final presentation.

Submissions for the 2017 New Arts Venture Challenge are now closed.

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The winner will be able to present his or her event or exhibition to the public or even launch a new entrepreneurial venture.

Entries may be from individuals or from teams of up to three. Four student proposals will be invited to participate in the final round, where each proposal will be evaluated on both the written plan and an oral presentation.

But whatever your idea of a good time, our inspiring trip ideas are sure to whet your appetite for exploration.


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