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From an academic perspective, Kiwi slang and New Zealand English are very similar to modern Australian English or contemporary South African English.

As all three regions are heavily influenced by early migrant settlers, it is natural to assume that the slang and language used holds roots in another part of the world.

If you didn't understand the above, don't worry, our purpose is to help you get your head around some of New Zealand's unique turns of phrase.

New Zealand has always been a nation with an eclectic mix of people and nationalities, and this mixing pot of cultures has led to the country developing its own particular way of speaking.

Some experts have suggested that the shortage of marriageable men in New Zealand and the growing trend among New Zealand men to marry Thai women is leading to a tension between key groups of women in New Zealand and Thai women living the country.

The imbalance between young New Zealand women and marriageable is caused by a number of reasons, including work available and immigration policy, but it has led to cases of both verbal and physical abuse of Thai women.

After reading this, blow me down if you won’t be stoaked when it comes to speaking here.

But don’t go half pie, go all out eh, and earn yourself some Maori roast, a handle or some hokey pockey.

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However, only half of students reported they had used a condom and 32 per cent had been drinking when they last had sex.


  1. Baza has served as the Executive Director of the Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC).

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