Nikki sixx dating kate

When Ford recorded her 1984 album, “Dancin’ on the Edge,” in New York, Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora were ­recording nearby, and would ­often hang out.After a night out at the club Traxx — with Ford’s best friend Toni and keyboardist Aldo Nova also in tow — Ford brought the crew back to her room at the Broadway Plaza Hotel.The bride was dripping in diamonds from XIV Karats, dressed in a Jennifer Lawrence Oscar-inspired, custom-made wedding gown from her aunt's own Janene's Bridal Boutique.

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More details from the couple's press release excerpts: "The wedding altar was a gate adorned by white english roses and a cross wreath strategically centered and filled with enormous white roses as well.

The two styles meshed together perfectly of the bride and groom carefully and tastefully displayed.

"Sad to say I have coconut water, Monster energy drink, Diet Coke, Gatorade and some pretzels," Sixx laughed, adding he's become "the most boring tour rider on earth." "What's funny is I have more weights in my room than I have drinks," the bassist, now 14 years sober from drugs, continued.

"I have weights, workout bands, stuff to do sit-ups and push-ups with -- I'm more into health and fitness than I am into whatever the past was about." Motley Crue announced plans for its two-year-long final tour by signing a binding Cessation of Touring Agreement in January 2014, one year later announcing the location and date of their final show.

He writes, "I have been performing during the last few months with a pretty intense double hernia, but you gotta give 100% even through the pain onstage.

The good news is yesterday I got surgery on both sides and it went really really well." But Sixx admits he's still in agony 24 hours after the operation: "Holy Jesus, it feels like I got kicked in the stomach by a horse." Motley Crue's dates will resume on 10 October (14), and the bassist hopes to be fully recovered by then, adding, "I should be up and kicking a** in a few weeks and back in the gym/tour in six weeks.

"New Year's Eve 2015 will mark the end of an era in rock history," Live Nation regional president Rick Franks said at the time in a statement.

"But there's no doubt that Motley Crue's music will influence generations of artists for year's to come." Of his band's last hurrah taking place New Year's Eve at L.

A.'s Staples Center, Sixx and the rest of Crue -- including Mick Mars, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil -- reportedly haven't spoken much about their emotions surrounding the matter.


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