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A Muslim male or female should not marry a non-Muslim male or female.

The only exception is given to Muslim men who are allowed to marry the chaste girls from among the People of the Book.

It is often easier for a Muslim to meet a non-Muslim of the opposite sex–in school for instance–than for a Muslim to meet another Muslim in a religiously sanctioned setting because Muslim prayer and religious education are all segregated by sex.

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It is obvious that Islam made it impermissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim with aim of keeping her away from things that may jeopardize her faith. To achieve this goal, it prohibits a Muslim from being involved in something that represents a threat to his religion.

A Muslim woman will not feel that her religion is secure while being with a Jewish or a Christian husband especially as the majority of the People of the Book do not show due respect to our Prophet, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). And if thou shouldst follow their desires after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, then wouldst thou have from Allah no protecting friend nor helper.”(Al-Baqarah: 120) Given the fact that the husband is generally the head of the household, it’s not far-fetched for a non-Muslim husband to prevent his Muslim wife from performing some Islamic rituals which may seem a nuisance to him, for example fasting, or even refraining from marital relations during the fast.

Every girl looks forward to her wedding day, to her dress, to new beginnings; actually, not all girls.

A Muslim girl staring at her wedding dress, just learning that her wedding to a non-Muslim is not allowed in Islam, is torn between her religion and love. Love at first sight, this sudden and involuntary magnetic attraction, jolts those touched by it.

However, a Muslim woman is better suited to a Muslim man than a woman of Christian or Jewish faith, regardless of her merits.

This is because marriage is not based on fulfilling one’s sexual desires; rather, it is an institution.Right now they often just say, “Oh I think we get along,” but they don’t know “what you need to know about a person” before you marry him or her.She also notes that families in the Muslim community have wildly different expectations of religious life and marriage so it is important for everyone to be on the same page.First of all, it is to be stressed that Islam does not encourage the interfaith marriages.The general rule of Islam is that Muslims should marry Muslims.Why should two people in love not be able to spend the rest of their lives together? Logically, we can (1) allow all marriages to occur or (2) we can allow some to occur and disallow some or (3) we can disallow marriages altogether.


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