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, Taylor is ‘smitten’ with actor Joe Alwyn, a nice-looking 26-year-old.

One source notes that Taylor has been disguising herself with wigs, scarves, and hats to go on dates with Joe in London.

Ms Keadle, who hails from southern California, is in her 50s, and travelled to Antarctica with Mr Gore at the beginning of the year to raise awareness about climate change and global warming, according to the Post.

She has been married and divorced for three times up to now. Despite having a famous name, she has managed to keep her personal life in sworn secrecy.

The news about her marriage (that took place in 2009) with her third husband, Entertainment Weekly's Dough Barret spread like wildfire in media since it was a topic of everybody’s interest.

“But after what happened with Tom Hiddleston (Swift’s ex-boyfriend), they were determined to keep it quiet.” Aside from maintaining her romance with Alwyn under wraps, Swift flies on private jets whenever she travels, a lesson she learned with Tom Hiddleston last year.

“Taylor has flown in via private jets and her security has made it a military-like mission to prevent her from being seen,” the source divulged.

Just as y’all know Tay-Tay and dating rumors, do take this seriously.

People notes that the Gores have no immediate plans to file for divorce; the estranged couple are both very active in the lives of their children and grandchildren and have recently taken them on vacation.

The surprise is Juliet didn’t have any children with any of her three husbands or past boyfriends.

Even after her every divorce and breakups, she was successful in maintaining quite a steady profession.

Former Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette may not be playing in the NFL anymore, but he’s still doing pretty well for himself off the field.

He’s now dating Instagram model Keri Hilson, which we learned from this particular photo.

While it’s unclear how long they’ve been seeing each other, And she always has a thing for British guys.


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