Ntpdate not updating time an error occurred while setup was updating partition

They are already commented out by default on Cent OS/RHEL 6.

Keeping your system’s date and time accurate is easy to do using NTP.

ntpdate not updating time-22

If you wish to set the time you could do it on a once-off basis…However, if you reboot your Beaglebone the time will be back to the good old year 2000.

So, we need a way to update this each time the Beaglebone boots.

It’s easy to set up an NTP server to regularly adjust your machine’s clock.

This is a definite duplicate question, but the answer to even the other question is talking about time zone which I am not really bothered about.

The comment to the answer makes it clear that the clock drift does not occur as the docker and host use the same clock. The source for this answer is the comment to the answer at: Will docker container auto sync time with the host machine? If a clock drift occurs, it will happen on the docker's host machine which is where clock drift needs fixing. When using Docker on a Mac with boot2docker, the boot2docker VM may lose time.

After looking at the answer too, I realized that there is no way a clock drift will occur on the docker container. Docker remains in-sync with its host, but its host provides the wrong time. It appears there can by time drift if you're using Docker Machine, as this response suggests: https://stackoverflow.com/a/26454059/105562 , due to Virtual Box.This is useful in some cases to set the clock initially before starting the NTP daemon Enable the authentication function and specify the key identifier to be used for authentication as the argument key.The keys and key identifiers must match in both the client and server key files.The default is to disable the authentication function.Force the time to always be slewed using the adjtime() system call, even if the measured offset is greater than -500 ms.On my current distribution the Beaglebone Black does not come with a working NTP installation in order to set the time.


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