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Six will be selected for a social media naming contest. The MTA is targeting sexual predators in the transit system by installing cameras on hundreds of new-model train cars.

There are three primary reasons for this program: Safety, SAFETY and SAFETY!

Camera locations are listed below: A Common Council meeting will be held at p.m.

"We too are concerned that, notwithstanding our efforts, such incidents continue to occur," wrote MTA chief Thomas Prendergast in the Sept. As cameras in more than a thousand new train cars are years away, the MTA in the meantime has put a link to information that defines improper sexual conduct and offers safety tips, and a way to report an assault in the center of its homepage; will mark on subway maps where riders can find an NYPD Transit Bureau station; and review with subway employees protocol for handling complaints.

"We thank the MTA for recognizing that you really can't put a cost on safety," James said at a news conference about the cameras.

Annually over 700 people are killed and an estimated 118,000 are injured in crashes that involved red light running.* More than half of those deaths are pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants in the"other vehicles." Red light cameras will assist the Albany Police Department in enforcing traffic laws by automatically photographing vehicles whose drivers run red lights.

Across the country, cameras have been shown to substantially reduce violations, decrease the number of crashes and improve driver behavior.

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It took 15 days to end the mighty 20-year reign of Roger Ailes at Fox News, one of the most storied runs in media and political history.

Y., feeds a giraffe a carrot at Animal Adventure in Harpursville, N. Patch said this will be the fourth or fifth calf — expected to be 6 feet tall and 150 pounds — for April, 15, and the first for Oliver, 5, who was the park's first giraffe when he arrived in 2015."People are following from all over the world," Patch said.

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