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Then one customer brings in some of her "unique" artwork made from human nails and a customer brings in a medical bag that Mike can't wait to dig through.

23 December 2010In Obscura Antiques & Oddities, Mike and Ryan bet a client they can find a rare taxidermy piece: the elusive sloth.

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As I understand it, just prior to shooting the first season of Oddities, (Discovery loved the concept of the show so much, I’m told, that they didn’t even require a pilot to be filmed), Evan, Mike and Ryan were interested in involving collectors they were already friends with, before things would presumably become a tad more impersonal.

Folks that watch the show know you have a pretty impressive collection of medical curiosities. Compared to others, I really do not have a large collection, but I am most pleased with and hold much value in the special items I do own.

Halloween is the time of year when people reveal their most ghoulish fears and fantasies, decorating their houses with fake mummies, plastic skulls and skeletons, and eerie contorted faces carved into apples and pumpkins.

But for a certain breed of collector, like artist Ryan Matthew Cohn (pictured above, in a photo by Sergio Royzen), this sort of decor is just not creepy enough.

9 December 2010Ryan - passionate about the study of bones - tries to create an "exploded" (or Beauchene) skull, Evan meets a puppeteer in search of a prosthetic limb, and a customer has what appears to be a body in the trunk of his car.

16 December 2010At Obscura a customer tries to sell what he believes is an ancient Egyptian artifact, but is it really a fake?

Location: Brooklyn Bazaar on 150 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Join us for a curated curious collection of the best purveyors of the odd and unique!

We are so excited to share this event with Brooklyn.

Ersan thinks he purchased fossil dinosaur feces, but the owners don't buy it.

18 November 2010At Obscura, Ryan is on the hunt for a high-end monkey skull to satisfy a picky new customer.

Episodes often center around the pursuit of an item a collector may want and often includes visits from the colorful, interesting, unusual, possibly insane people that wander into the store.


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