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North Royalton students in the eighth and 11th grades are enrolled in a health class and learn about positive and negative relationships, according to Bruce Bradley, director of curriculum and instruction.

Select staff members are also trained in dating violence awareness and education.

Fewer community schools may close at the conclusion of the 2009-2010 school year as a result of a provision that directs ODE to reevaluate each community school for closure under R. 3314.35 without considering the school's performance ratings for its first two years.

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Local Fiscal Highlights School district boards of education may incur administrative costs to adopt a specific policy that prevents and addresses incidents of dating violence involving students at school.

School districts may incur one-time minimal costs associated with the printing of new student handbooks or rules and standards of conduct.

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Tina Croucher was 18 when she was murdered by her boyfriend on Dec. Students are now required to receive age-appropriate instruction in dating violence prevention in their health class.

29, 2009, Governor Ted Strickland signed into law “The Tina Croucher Act” mandating dating violence prevention curriculum in Ohio schools starting this school year.

Connecticut: HB 5315 (2010): Includes teen dating violence and domestic violence education as part of the in-service training program for certified teachers, administrators and pupil personnel.

HB 5246 (2010): Requires the Commissioner of Public Health to develop one public service announcement issued by the Department of Public Health through a televised broadcast for the purpose of preventing teen dating and family violence.

School districts would incur one-time costs to provide dating violence prevention training to all current administrators, teachers, and certain other staff.


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