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Xia and co analyzed a dataset associated with 200,000 individuals from the Chinese dating website which has over 60 million registered users.

According to a Pew Research poll released last October, 59 percent of Internet users think that online dating is a good way to meet people, while 36 percent of Americans who are single and actively looking for a partner, according to dating site Zoosk, are going online to find a match.

Now, you may think that having a face like Ryan Gosling and a bank account like Mark Zuckerberg is the best way to attract women online, but the truth is that even those guys would strike out with a crappy online dating profile.

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Or, at the very least, to get a reply from a woman who doesn’t just post photos of her cats.

Yes, selfies have become an ingrained part of our culture, but you should keep them on Instagram where they belong.

I was relieved to see that I was going to be guided through this process with a set of pre-fab questions, most of which were pretty straightforward. On, you can choose from several options, but it’s very clear that only one or two are desirable: “Athletic and Toned” and “Slender.” The remaining options: “About Average,” “Curvy,” “A Few Extra Pounds,” “Big and Beautiful” and “Stocky,” I learned are all variations on the same theme: “Big as a House.” Now, I don’t care if you hit the gym five or more days a week, at middle age, most of us in normal-land are “about average,” so, in a self-defeating attempt at full disclosure, I selected the “About Average” option in the drop down menu and moved on to the next question. Certainly I do something fun, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of a single thing, not one single hobby. I love to drink coffee in the morning, while reading Facebook and Twitter. I then cheated and looked at other women’s profiles and was brought to my knees.

I quickly learned though, that in the world of online dating, saying your “About Average” is tantamount to saying, “I’m a giant pile of blubber but if I wear Spanx and dazzle you with my personality, I’m just certain you won’t notice.” So, I took the advice of some other online daters, and begrudgingly changed my body type to “Curvy” (this description doesn’t really indicate just where the curves are, or how many curves we’re talking about). I mean, almost instantaneously my self-confidence came crashing down around me.

Messages increase by a whopping 203 percent with full body photos.

Having to seek out and meet new people for the purposes of starting a romantic relationship can be intimidating, sometimes confusing and often frustrating, for everyone.

Ultimately, no matter what photos are used on your dating profile, what body type you self-identify as, first impressions really happen when you take it offline.


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