Online dating bookworms

A girl that I was chatting with revealed that she was a runaway bride as she was forced into marriage when all she wanted to do was have fun. I wasn’t judgmental and enjoyed talking to her as she was always brimming with joy and was a positive chat companion.

I was the belle of the ball, and my life growing up poor, chubby and chronically unpopular in rural England seemed a million miles away.

Having those experiences growing up made me stuffed full of compassion for other people, and fired me up to go on a mission to understand love better and teach its secrets to others.

I once came across this 24 year old guy who only talked about books!

When I asked him about his hobbies or what kind of movies or music he liked, even then he said he liked books which spoke about music and movies; otherwise he never listened to music or watched any movies.

My mission is to turn hapless hunks and hopeless damsels alike into dating dynamite.

Success can be anything from captivating someone with your conversation until they give you their number, taking a posse of models home from a night club, or just feeling self-satisfied and liberated in your sexuality. Of course, I have some funny stories to tell: Clients trying to kiss me, disasters involving very defensive best friends, being chucked out by a doorman, and clients with Tourette’s syndrome.

It also said that bookworms are found to be “more intellectually curious than most and find it easier to form open and trusting relationships with others.” But, just like most things in the online dating world, listing reading on your profile comes with a catch.

Because when it comes to which books you read there’s a silent literary hierarchy to take into consideration.

But, just in a couple of weeks I had to pretend to sleep early whenever she promised me a surprise at night.


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