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—Wondering A: These dating sites that do criminal background checks probably seem like a wise choice.

And they do offer their members something extra: A false sense of security. Kind of like telling bank customers, “If you notice armed robbers in the bank, feel free to tackle them while yelling, ‘citizen’s arrest!

There’s being arrested because your little brother left a pillowcase of weed in your trunk versus being nabbed for your armed carjacking hobby.

There are countless articles listing some pretty obvious ways to protect yourself: Drive your own car to the date; meet in a public place; don’t leave your drink unattended; don’t front anyone money; and tell someone where you’re going and whom you’re meeting.

Q: You’ve answered some questions about online dating recently, but I haven’t seen you mention dating sites that do criminal background checks.

Do you think it’s a smart idea to sign up for one of these, or is it just more marketing hogwash?

First, as one of the sites with “extensive background checks” admits, “Some people do manage to slip through the cracks. ’” Of course safety is a primary concern, but ponder this: Your friends don’t background-check their party guests.


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