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The complaint says Miller was cooperative and admitted to some of the conduct while seeming to minimize the scope of it.For instance, he admitted sending some photos of male genitalia to some girls but said they were not his own.There, investigators say, they found phones and computers with well-organized files on 17 people, including the 20-year-old New Jersey man whose nearly 700 photos police say Miller used as "Harrington." There were hundreds of images of child pornography, many of them selfies taken by the girls Miller was communicating with as Andy Harrington.

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He pleaded not guilty to the charges during an arraignment hearing before U. According to the federal indictment, Williams is accused of producing a picture that showed one of the girls he recruited masturbating.

Prosecutors said if Williams were convicted on all four counts he could face a life sentence.

An instant message to a friend that says “CD9” could mean “code 9: parents watching” so that the recipient knows not to discuss anything inappropriate.

Below is a list of acronyms used when text messaging or when in chat rooms or using instant messengers.

Some acronyms used for text messaging can be hurtful or inappropriate.

By understanding how acronyms are used and what they stand for, parents can make sure their teens are practicing safe online behavior.

Facebook chat transcripts between Williams and the girl showed the two had sex on May 20, 2016.

The girl, who is now 18, told investigators in April she had sex with Williams at the Red Roof Inn.

But investigators found numerous selfies of Miller's own genitals on his phone.

Investigators say they found evidence of Miller communicating with other people in terms that suggest he well knew the age of the girls he was manipulating.

The activity was first discovered when a 16-year-old Indiana girl tried to kill herself, after "friends" of "Harrington" — who were actually all Miller — told her Harrington had tried to kill himself over the girl.

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